The Eyes Have It

I believe the eyes are more than something you just see out of. I believe they show passion. They show hope. They show hate. They show one's deepest feelings, without any words. They give me a deeper understanding of a person. To me, the eyes matter the most.
The eyes mirror the soul.

Sending prayers to Kristen Becker after she lost all four of her horses in a tragic barn fire last night.


Just talked to trainer. When she’s in FL for two weeks I get to work her current projects - Dahlia (Ferro x Idocus), Cori (Idocus x Jazz) and Jack (Vinca x Jazz). So super excited. Dahlia has always been ‘my’ horse - I broke her before leaving for KYB and had plans to take her to KYB; now trainer has her solidly at First level with plans to show higher next summer. Cori will be doing Third this summer, and he’s an absolutely phenomenal mover; he has the spark of Jazz, yet the front end of Idocus and the rideability which Idocus puts on them. Jack will do 4 YO classes next year, and is the coolest piece of horse I’ve had the chance to ride, he’s one I broke this past year; his movement is ‘holy shit’ movement - even when he’s cooling off on the lunge his walk has at least two steps overtrack. His hind leg is phenomenal. Also I’ll be lunging the stallion, Vinca (Metall x Idocus)! He’s a ham.

Also I love seeing how the different stallions and mares do what to their progeny. I’ve always been big into bloodlines - partially why I work for a KWPN breeder! Dahlia & Vinca are both out of Perennial (Idocus x Vertex xx). Cori and Jack are both out of Technique (Jazz x Zeoliet). And then of course Jack is by Vinca. YAY BLOODLINES!

Sorry. I just had to talk about this to someone.

Continue with your day.

It does not surprise me that Nicola Philippaerts and Morgan Barbançon Mestres are a thing.

Holy mother of god. Dahlia’s back today was unbelieveable.

I opened my hip up more, rocked her back, and BOOM. Doing spiraling circles at the canter and slowly building up her trot. That shoulder-in is also baller. I love when she’s super hot and testy - that’s when the sparks fly!

The greatest feeling yesterday, besides Dahlia’s back becoming more and more fluid, was when my trainer said, “You know, you’re the only person she really does love.”